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    September 9, 2013

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This past Sunday was the first official meeting we had where all 14 of our team members were actually physically present in one room.  Over the past 9 months, we have been meeting monthly with a few of our members calling, face timing, or video chatting into the meetings with us.  After all of the meetings and preparations, it was truly exciting to see our entire team united and talking through the details of actually being in Armenia!  The packing lists, itinerary, names of specific places, people, and ministries we’ll be visiting and taking part in gave everyone a sense of excitement that in less than a week, we will actually be there!  We are seeing the final details coming together before our eyes.

As much as we’ve prayed, thought, talked, and planned, we know that we could never be fully prepared for the real experience.  It is this unseen sense of adventure that makes us all so eager to see what God has in store for us.  Even more exciting, we want to see how our little community of ACFOC can make an impact globally.

It has been an incredibly encouraging and humbling experience to know that so many of our friends and family are supporting & praying for us.  We have seen God at work, and despite many challenges, we know He is sending us to represent Him in Armenia.  We truly desire that we would be worthy representatives of Christ.

Please be praying for us in the weeks ahead.  Pray that our flights go smoothly.  Pray that as impossible as it may sound, that we will somehow be able to get into Armenia with all of our luggage, no hassles at customs, and a team well rested!


Our Itinerary

Friday Sept 13 – 9:05 LAX Departure

Saturday Sept 14 – In the Sky!

Sunday Sept 15 – 3:45 AM Arrival, Armenian Evangelical Baptist Church “Golgotha”- We will be giving two evangelistic testimonies at this service, and helping with worship, Evangelism Training

Monday Sept 16 – Village of Diligan Evangelism, Lake Sevan Baptism Service

Tuesday Sept 17 – Ararat Valley Evangelism, Khor Virap, Prepare for Syrian Refugee Relief

Wednesday Sept 18 – OFF Day, Armenian Christian History Tour (Etchmiadzin, Museums,Yerevan Tour, Syrian Relief Evening Mission – Testimonies, Worship, and handing out food and clothing

Thursday Sept 19 – Genocide Museum/Memorial, Home Visitations, Syrian Relief Evening Mission – Testimonies, Worship, and handing out food and clothing

Friday Sept 20-21st – Half the Group will be doing village evangelism and skills training; the other half will be involved in a college camp ministry

Sunday Sept 22 – Continuation of College Camp Ministry, Armenian Church Visitations, Ordination Service, Evening Philharmonic

Monday Sept 23 – AGM Visitations Day

Tuesday Sept 24 – Kurdish Village Mission, Dental Clinic, Child Evangelism

Wednesday Sept 25 – Vanadzor Day: Labor in ARDA Village, VBS, Dental Hygiene Clinic

Thursday Sept 26 – Gumyri: AGM Kindergarten and Orphanage Visitation, Visit AGM Clinic, AGM Visitations

Friday Sept 27 – Garni and Gerhard Tour (Armenian History Tour)

Saturday Sept 28 – Arrive at Home – Leave Yerevan at 4:25 AM, Arrive in LAX at 12:45 PM

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