Banner1It is no secret that we are an Armenian Evangelical Church and that as such
we do things a little differently than other Armenian Churches down the
street. Consequently, from time to time, people will ask me questions
about our church — they will ask me “churchy” questions.

Questions like: Why do you not wear a robe when you go up on stage?
Where are the candles and incense? Why do you preach in English rather
than Armenian? Why do you not baptize babies? Why do we have so many
churches when we all seem to basically believe the same thing?

Here is another set of churchy questions that I get from time to time: Why
do I need to go to church on Sunday when I go to Bible study during the
week? What makes a church a real church? Or better yet, do I need to go
to church to be a Christian?

The long and short of what I am trying to say is that as a Pastor I get
lots of questions that center on what church is, why we do church the way we
do it here at Armenian Christian Fellowship, and why we even should go to
any church in the first place.

With these questions in the background, last week we launched a new series
entitled: “We the Church.” The goal of this series in the weeks ahead will
be to clarify what the scriptures, written by the very founders of the
Church, have to teach us about Church.

I would love to have you and your family join us, but if you can’t make it
or aren’t convinced that church is that important as of yet, feel free to listen in online.

–Pastor Shant

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