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    September 16, 2013

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Today was AMAZING. We were able to explore beyond Yerevan into the town of Dilijan which is North East of Yerevan, and about 30 minutes North of Lake Sevan. Our team was split into 5 small groups who were paired with leaders from the Golgotha church (see earlier post). Our task was to walk throughout Dilijan praying for the people and looking for opportunities to speak with people about their lives and share Christ’s love with them. This was an intimidating prospect, but the experiences that the different teams shared were encouraging and exciting. Most of us were welcomed into people’s homes, given food and coffee, and were welcome company to the people we visited. There were several great conversations, and the local ministry team is more & more encouraged that there may be people in this town who would welcome some continued fellowship & encouragement.

After this awesome experience, we went to beautiful Lake Sevan where Shant was able to participate along side pastor Garik in over 20 baptisms. The highlight for our team, of course, was witnessing the baptism of 3 of our own: Marret Kiladjian & Neshan & Nayiry Charshafjian. It was an amazing encouragement to see these baptisms, and to take part in the joy and excitement in seeing these public declarations of commitment to trusting in, & walking with Jesus Christ. The fellow Christians in Yerevan we are spending time with are starting to feel more and more like family. It is an incredible thing to see that though we live half way across the world from these people, we have so much in common and are looking to the same Savior to guide us through this world. Words alone really cannot describe this day, hopefully the pictures can help!

Now, as you may know, being at Lake Sevan would not be complete without visiting Sevanavank. This monastery, which was founded in 874 AD is a reconstructed two building structure made of beautiful stones and set on top of a peninsula over looking Lake Sevan. It is a reminder of the faith that great faith that our country once had.

Tomorrow we will be doing more prayer walking in the Ararat Valley. Please pray that the Lord would use us in some tangible way to help spread the good News of Christ with the local church here.

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