After a full day and a half of travel, we arrived at our condo and in our excitement, most of us did not sleep. So, this means that aside from the rough sleep we had on the plane, we had not slept since Thursday night. Originally the plan for Sunday was to rest. With all the opportunities and our eagerness to “get to work”, however, we soon had a day FULL of activities. The day started at 10am with a trip to Vernisage, a true Armenian outdoor market. We then met at Golgotha church in Yerevan, where our host missionaries serve.

Though I can’t say that we were SUPER excited about spending an entire day out and about after not sleeping, I don’t think even one of us would have taken our church experience back. We were given the opportunity to share 2 testimonies (Nayiry & Tony) and 1 song. We really did not expect the response we would get. The Lord blessed us through the Armenian nationals, and the we also were able to greatly bless and encourage the church there. One of the highlights was having the entire church spontaneously burst into song during Violet’s singing “Havatkus Chem Moranah”.

Later that day we shared yet another FEAST at our condo with Chris, Gretchen, & family, & Badveli Garik from the Golgotha church. By the time we finished dinner, with everyone barely making it without falling asleep on their plates, the group went to their rooms and slept one of the best nights sleep of our lives 🙂

(written by Jen)

Photos and videos to come…

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